What We're Listening To

Artist: Holy Family

Album: Values

Label: Melodic Records

Incisive indie with catchy melodies. "Arcade Fire with added pop" Key Tracks: Empty Gestu...

Artist: Matthew Bourne

Album: Isotach

Label: The Leaf Label

Innovative composer creates minimalist beauty on piano.  Key tracks: Isotach, Wedding Mal...

Artist: Trunk Records

Album: Strictly Britxotica

Label: Trunk Records

The fourth instalment of rare and exotic British recordings heads to ballroom - the puff-b...

Artist: BocaWoody

Album: Carousel

Label: Artist

An old skool hip hop party. Key tracks: At it Again, Stand Up, Rockin Ya Block, Jump

Artist: Snapped Ankles

Album: The Best Light Is The Last Light

Label: The Leaf Label

The mysterious woodland creatures are loaded with percussive energy and drive on their fir...

Artist: Michael Nau

Album: Some Twist

Label: Full Time Hobby

"It's the sheer quality of Nau's songwriting that truly impresses." MOJO ★★★★ Key tracks:...