What We're Listening To

Artist: Portico Quartet

Album: Art In The Age Of Automation

Label: Gondwana Records

Portico Quartet continue to blur the lines between jazz, electronic and minimalism, the re...

Artist: Baxter Dury

Album: Prince of Tears

Label: Heavenly

"Equally comparable to Sleaford Mods' savage lo-fi and Leonard Cohen's fatalist poetry, Pr...

Artist: Snapped Ankles

Album: Come Play The Trees

Label: The Leaf Label

Infectious melodies that dance around post-punk grooves. The forest men will make you move...

Artist: Hannah Peel

Album: Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia

Label: Artist

"Celestial, mysterious and awe-inspiring" **** MOJO Key tracks: Goodbye Earth, Deep Space...

Artist: Holy Family

Album: Values

Label: Melodic Records

Incisive indie with catchy melodies. "Arcade Fire with added pop" Key Tracks: Empty Gestu...

Artist: Matthew Bourne

Album: Isotach

Label: The Leaf Label

Innovative composer creates minimalist beauty on piano.  Key tracks: Isotach, Wedding Mal...