What We're Listening To

Artist: Phil France

Album: Circle

Label: Gondwana Records

Emotive and immersive worlds built from pads, pianos, synths and arpeggios. Key tracks: C...

Artist: Alice Boman

Album: New Singles/Best of

Label: Artist

Swedish artist crafts enchanting and ethereal pop. New tracks: End of Time, Dreams, Heart...

Artist: IDER

Album: Singles

Label: Glassnote Records

Ethereal electonic pop charged with power, beauty and emotion. Key tracks: Pulse, King Ru...

Artist: Mattiel

Album: Mattiel

Label: Heavenly Recordings

Raucous, timeless rock and soul, with a gritty contemporary lean. Key tracks: Count Your ...

Artist: Michael Nau

Album: Michael Nau and the Mighty Thread

Label: Full Time Hobby

Folk and southern soul with compelling traditional songcraft.  Key tracks: Less Than Posi...

Artist: Boy Azooga

Album: 1, 2, Kung Fu!

Label: Heavenly Recordings

Prodigious Welsh youngsters debut spans the pop spectrum. Key tracks: Loner Boogie, Waiti...