What We're Listening To

Artist: David O'Dowda

Album: Better in the Dark

Label: Artist

A heartfelt set of crisply composed acoustic arrangements with overlapping electronic elem...

Artist: Sarathy Korwar

Album: More Arriving

Label: The Leaf Label

A multicultural melting pot of hip hop and jazz experimentalism. Key tracks: Mumbay, Cooli...

Artist: Mattiel

Album: Satis Factory

Label: Heavenly Recordings

Satis Factory further develops Mattiel's idiosyncracies as an artist, from the lofi retro ...

Artist: Stealing Sheep

Album: Big Wows

Label: Heavenly Recordings

Sparkling, multi-layered electronic pop. Key tracks: Show Love, Jokin' Me, Big Wows, True ...

Artist: W. H. Lung

Album: Incidental Music

Label: Melodic Records

Euphoric synthpop, with an invigorating rhythmic drive. Key tracks: Simpatico People, Ins...